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I know this community has been pretty quiet so far, and I guess its purpose is not entirely clear. I had originally envisioned it as a community for people doing reproduction and historical style embroidery from the medieval and Renaissance periods (loosely defined). However, I think it might be good to broaden the scope somewhat.

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What do you think of this community expanding to include....

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Historically inspired embroidery that may use obviously modern materials, motifs, or techniques
7 (70.0%)

Historical style embroidery used for modern purposes (e.g. on a handbag, or for an SCA badge)
8 (80.0%)

Other historical periods besides the Middle Ages and Renaissance
8 (80.0%)

Something connected to historical embroidery, but not strictly historical, which I have not thought of (please comment)
0 (0.0%)

ETA: For an example of "something else," see this door painted like an Elizabethan jacket. What do folks think of allowing occasional non-embroidery projects that are clearly based on embroidery?

If we expand the scope of the community, I am thinking of adding some tags to clarify different types of projects:

historical replica - An attempt at an exact copy of a historical piece; may use modern substitute materials

historical style - A piece done in a historical style, but using an original design, different colors, or involving other changes without departing from what might have been done in period

modern interpretation - A piece using historical motifs and/or techniques, but in a modern way, possibly using obviously modern materials

reenactorism - A piece done using a historical technique, but which modern recreation or reenactment convenience, such as an SCA award badge or a cell phone case

What do you think of these categories? Are there any others you would add?
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